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in life is about games. We play games with other people’s feelings, with our
food, our friends and so on because life is a game itself. Most commonly with
games we win or lose and here is where our personality kicks in, how you play,
how you win and most important how you lose games, can say a lot about you.

there are online and mobile games we can play where wining or losing is
important but not life changing and it doesn’t involve money. With new games
coming out every day and new updates it has become overwhelming to keep up with
the technology and people often turn to tops and dedicated websites that can
help them choose.

say kids play games more, but studies have shown that adults are starting to
play more and more online games. The popular belief has changed in the last
years and mobile games have grown a lot, capturing the eye of the mature ones
who seek time out and fun in their phones and computers. It’s safe to say that
some games are so good and enjoyable that in some cases they are played by
families and siblings as a way to spend time together. Not to mention that they
can help develop social skills, memory and attention span a lot.

the other side, some games are just for your PC, or for Android smartphones or
exclusive to PS4 consoles. This exclusiveness forces people to buy those
technologies or switch their operating systems, a pain in the back and a lot of
work that can make people frustrated. A good alternative to this problem is to
play unblocked games or hacked games. They are easy and safe to use for anyone
and you can play them online, no need for extra technology or spending.

lot of websites offer a wide range of flash games people can play for free, all
day, on your mobile, tablet of computer/laptop. is one of the websites that has
thousands of unblocked and hacked games you can choose from. With over 16
categories of hacked games you can choose, is hard to believe you favorite one
is not there and since they also have hacked ones you can literally say the sea
has plenty of fish.

can find there awesome adventure games that can be played by a single player
like Scary Maze Girl, Slay the Dragon or Murphy’s Law Game, great puzzle games
if you want to relax like Harry Potter, Daily Jigsaw or Gravity Falls, sports
games for sport lovers and enthusiasts like football or soccer, driving games
for adrenaline seekers like Police Driving or Zombie Driving and cool strategy hacked
games. Other categories include food games, fighting games, action games,
flying games and animal games, a lot to choose from.

are just a few of the categories and games the website has to offer. A short
glimpse on the front page will get your mind around it very fast and help you
decide which one is for you and what you should try out next. It can be
overwhelming at first when you are faced with so may possibilities but trying
the Most Popular or Most Played games can be a good start if you don’t know
what you like.

possibilities are endless, since there are over 5000 unblocked games with
multiplayer and single player to match everyone’s tastes. With games 66 you can
choose who you want to be and play Mario games related and GTA similar ones.
The biggest advantage is that you don’t have to pay or buy the game and the
time spend playing it is shorter.

though it’s a games only website, they have a short selection of mobile games
that can be played on your smartphone at anytime. If you cannot find them just
use the search bar in the right down corner of the page to browse them. With
its simple and basic web structure you will find it very easy to navigate and
play all the games you want, since a lot of them are hacked unblocked games.
You finally have the possibility to play all the games you never thought were
available online and even on your phone.

for those of you who always want to be up to date with the latest games the
website offers a New Games category where they line up all the new games and
updates so you don’t have to search for them and waste your time on that. And
if you are lazier than that, they also post the latest games of their social
media accounts where you can follow them and have all you favorite games
unblocked in your feed.

With daily updates of unblocked hacked games the most popular ones you

Can play are: Happy Wheels, Run and Run 2 and 3, Tank Trouble, Balloons Tower
Defense 5, Agario, Tetris, Soccer, Heads Slither, Io Super fighters, Basketball
Legends, The Impossible Quiz, Cube field, Get On Top, Box head, Ninja, Cat Gun,
Mayhem 2, Basketball Game, Learn To Fly 2 and Learn To Fly 3, Strike Force, Heroes and Heroes 2, Mutilate A
Doll 2, Packman, Earn To Die, Deep, Io Zombocalypse 2, Sports Heads, Basketball,
Diep Io and last but not least Worlds Hardest Game. All
these games are waiting for you there.

Now that we’ve featured tops, names and

numbers for you, we can move on to the most important part of it, the control
gameplay. How do you play these games if you are new to this? How does it work
on your mobile device? And How diverse are the games?

Let’s start with the last question How

diverse are the games?. As me mentioned before, you can find over 16 categories
of games on the website, even unblocked games for school that your kids can
play. They are not violent and offer an alternative to way children can enjoy
school and feel drawn to it. Easy to play, just using the mouse and navigation
keys on the keyboards any game from that specific category can be enjoyed.

There are also games that can be played by

seniors like puzzle games, food games or strategy games, unblocked games 66 or
unblocked games 77. It is a very pleasant activity and even more it helps them
get to know better a computer and how it works, since the majority of senior
population is behind basic technology giving the fact that they grew up only
having radio and TV. Let’s not forget about girls. There are a lot of games for
girls who like to dress up, make-up and maybe shoot or drive cars. There is a
game for anybody.

Regarding the control gameplay part all the

games that are played on a computer will need internet connection, a keyboard
and a mouse. These kinds of hardware are found on a basic desktop computer or
laptop, nothing complicated here. Depending on the game you play it might
require just the keyboard or the keyboard and a mouse for stating the game,
choosing the levels and other options. They all have music, sounds and
background noise so you might need speakers or volume control buttons.

You will need to have the Flash Player

installed or updated, or else the game will not load. Every browser supports
this program and can be installed very easy and fast. If you don’t have the
latest version the game will let you know you need to update it and lead you to
the link where you can do that.

The mobile games will only require you

fingers and speakers. The control center, start and end of a game, levels and
all sort of setting will be done with your fingers only. Again the sound can be
controlled here or have privacy by using headphones.

You will not have to buy the games here, or

sign up to the website, make accounts and so on. All you need to do is enter it
and choose the game you want to play. It’s easy! If you get bored of the game
or want to switch from one to another there are arrows on the left and right
bottom of the window that will guide you to the next game you can play so that
you don’t have to go back or search in the category for another one.

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